New South Wales

how to walk arm in arm with your girlfriend

Campbell Markham: Walk Arm in Arm with Jesus ... More

how to take out a labret nose stud

The vertical labret piercing is a piercing where the lower bead would be the same place where a normal labret piercing would be, which is just below the lip. The difference is that instead of passing through to the interior of the mouth, it goes in the upper direction coming out at the top or even slightly forward on the lower lip. With this type of piercing, you will be able to see both sides ... More

how to work out mean standard deviation

A standard deviation is a statistical tool that tells you roughly how far, on average, each number in a list of data values varies from the average value or arithmetic mean of the list itself. In Excel , we can use the STDEV function to provide an estimate of a set of data's standard deviation. ... More

how to wear a shirt dress with leggings

Like an oversized shirt, this classic loose fit chambray jean denim shirt dress with pocket is on trend-versatile. This dress is left straight and loose for a relaxed vibe but for a more flattering sl ... More

how to use facial flex

2 days ago · With new flexible-face irons hitting the market, is it time you picked up a pair? It's a good question, but don't throw out your one-piece irons just yet. We asked Zack Kupperbusch, Marketing ... More

html how to use span

Designing with Floor Joist Span Tables Part 2 of Residential Structural Design. On this page we will explain how to design with floor joist span tables. ... More

how to use transmission windows

18/11/2009 · A quick video showing you how to use BitTorrent-Client - SIMPLE FOR BEGINNERS. ... More

how to stop spam calls in australia

If you ever have concerns as to the legitimacy of a call, hang up and call the company back on a publicly available number (e.g. NAB’s number is available on the back of your card). If you have provided information on this type of call, please contact your local branch or 13 22 65 immediately. ... More

how to turn iphone into speaker

It was designed in a way to conveniently stand on its own, you can just simply slot in your iPhone into it vertically and play the music. Hence the printed model needs to be able to support iPhone’s weight (specific endurance). ... More

how to stop automatic sign in on hotmail

I blogged about the other day how annoying it is to get automatically logged onto MSN when checking hotmail account. Here is what I had to do to turn that functionality off for good! Log into your Hotmail … ... More

how to turn on hp tablet

In this instructable i will show how to do tablet pc the easy way(and the cheapest) , and how to do it hard way (including "touch" screen etc). I personaly did it the hard way about half way and run out of materials and i decided to finish it the easy way. ... More

how to use wifi card

1/10/2015 · I show you how to install a half-height PCIE WiFi Card using an ASRock H97M-ITX motherboard I'm launching a store! Think Blue Apron for computer building. ... More

how to write a theorem in latex

The purpose of writing a mathematical proof is to convince the reader that the accompanying theorem is correct. Logic is the principle tool in this task, but not the only one: readers are human beings, and the proof needs to be tailored to the human audience. Accordingly, proofs should be not just logically correct but also notationally clear, grammatically polished, and structurally elegant ... More

how to clear search history on windows 8

Now the settings windows will open up as shown below, just select the Search settings from the list on the left from all the settings, and then all the settings related to the search history … ... More

how to use anydvd hd

7/02/2011 · Another point to add in to the mix . I use anydvd to rip to folder structure. Then use clown bd to remove extras I don't need then use tmt3 to play. No mounting, plays nice with media browser etc. I don't know how often Make MKV is updated, but AnyDVD is very frequent - i've never found a disc I ... More

how to say if you want in japanese

Need translate "if you want" to Danish? Here's how you say it. ... More

how to start teaching phonics

How to Download Your Words that start with short a Phonics Poster: Add the short a words poster to your Cart using the ‘Add to Cart’ Button.NB You can only get the resources 5 at a time. ... More

how to watch acestream mac

[??] watch acestream without vpn VPN latest version ??[WATCH ACESTREAM WITHOUT VPN]?? Unlock the Internet how to watch acestream without vpn for Follow our news Facebook ... More

how to turn jeans into capris without sewing machine

4/02/2015 · It makes a slouchy pair of pants look polished and office-ready—and you don’t need to be a seamstress to pull it off. Here are easy ways to hem, no sewing required. Here are easy ways to hem ... More

how to use parcel point

During checkout, select the ParcelPoint delivery option and choose your desired store. Once submitted, we will deliver the order to that store for you to collect at a time that's convenient for you. ... More

how to stop biting your nails fast

Stop biting your nails! This is extremely bad for them, and they will not grow; Add some onion (or another food you don't like) and chop it up. Then add it into a top or base coat bottle and apply it to your nails … ... More

how to wear nude shoes

Christian Louboutins. Nude shoes can be very complicated. Many lovely nude shoes are laying waste in people’s closets because they have no idea what to do with them. ... More

how to take action against mobile phone bullying

Cyber bullying is a form of bullying using text or images posted on personal websites or sent by mobile phone or email. Depending on the nature of the material posted or transmitted, people who engage in cyber bullying may commitbe ting a ... More

how to use a corby trouser press

Latest Corby Trouser Press 4400 reviews, ratings from genuine shoppers. Find best deals and buying advice from consumers. ... More

how to see if a string is a number c

15/11/2005 · Hello all, I need to check if the content in a string is an int and return a boolean. I am sure there is a way to do it, but I just dont know. Please help. ... More

how to turn off your post pop up

Facebook is testing pop-up posts, similar to how chat windows look on your browser. Screenshot by Ian Sherr/CNET Facebook likes chat windows so much, it ... More

how to determine support and resistance in forex trading

Today we will cover 3 simple ways to identify support and resistance in Forex. Psychological Levels Often called "psych" levels, psychological levels occur when price ends with multiple 0's. ... More

how to use paracord bracelet

So if you plan to actually use the paracord in a survival situation…I recommend buying high-quality paracord (following this article’s advice) and making the bracelet, lanyard, etc, yourself. Reply ... More

how to use dried mushrooms

Watch video · I use dried ones in the same way I would fresh: in stir-fries, salads, stews, and sauces. They also make a flavorful broth for soups and marinades . (1) Dried porcini mushrooms make a decadent pasta sauce. ... More

how to tell if evolution has occurred

Speciation. Does speciation lead to macroevolution? In a nutshell, the theory of evolution depends upon the notion that many small variations can accumulate over many generations to the point that new organs, new biological systems, and even new kinds of living things arise through the … ... More

how to stop ppl adding you phone calls on messenger

Only your confirmed friends or people you've shared your phone number with can call you on Facebook. You can prevent anyone from calling you by blocking them. You also have the option to ignore any call you receive. If you would like to submit feedback to the team about recommending this product feature, please visit our Help Center: ... More

dragon dogma how to see build

17/01/2016 · Dragon's Dogma - Beginner Guide to Pawn Inclinations Something I forgot to mention in the video; you can view your pawn's primary and secondary inclinations by … ... More

how to teach a child to ride a tricycle

The skill of bike riding begins early with toddler ride-on toys. Children usually are able to maneuver these by 18 months of age. These toys require a child to use both feet to push off the floor and move forward or backward. ... More

how to stop tab from opening until i open it

Care! Performing Factory Reset will erase all data from your devices. Factory data reset allows users to delete all data stored in the mobile device. ... More

how to set android sdk path in environment variable

whenever you import project in android studio. it tells you that sdk path from another computer is not available and automatically uses sdk path available in your computer. ... More

how to turn off torches torrent fetcher

In this way he insulted each in turn with the grossest of jests, and he reeled off a thousand of the most absurd and ridiculous speeches. At last, when he was thoroughly drunk, he started towards here, striking everyone he met. Wait, here he comes reeling along. I will be off for fear of his blows. ... More

how to use aparted apk

AParted Sd card Partition LaUnion for Android 2.3.2+ APK Download..Download AParted Sd card Partition APK LaUnion for Android aparted-sd-card-partition.apk . AParted Sd card Partition is a free and awesome Tools app..App to manage partitions in your sdcard or usb device.. ... More

global keratin hair taming system with juvexin how to use

However, after using the Global Keratin Hair Taming System with JUVEXIN Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner , a line designed to help extend treatment results, I realized this ... More

how to wear coats with sneakers

T-shirts are a bit too casual to wear underneath a jacket. The only time you'd probably get away with it is when you're hitting the dance club (opt for a dark T-shirt and a pair of skate shoes… ... More

how to know when voice chatting watch dogs 2

10/12/2016 · Hello, when I play Rainbow six I like to play chatting through the voice chat, but I have a problem with that, when I put the headset on I can talk to the others but the sound of the other players does not come out in the headset, the sound of the Game comes out normal in the headset plus the sound of the voice of the players comes out on my ... More

how to write site descriptions on a website

Most product descriptions are awful. Or worse, non-existent. Product copy and product descriptions seem like such minor parts of a website in the grand scheme … ... More

how to wear pants without a button

While it might not be a practical choice for day-to-day wear, if you're going in front of the camera and have a pair of pants that are almost perfect except for their … ... More

how to disable keyboard start button

20/01/2009 · c:\StartBut.exe /show - Shows start button c:\StartBut.exe /enable - Enables start button c:\StartBut.exe /disable - Disables start button You can also write this in notepad and save it as a .bat and u can simply run it to issue the command. ... More

how to know if you want to be an actor

Never approach an actor on or off set, you are not there as a fan you are a working professional. No autographs, photos, etc and assume they are always busy even if they don’t look it. No autographs, photos, etc and assume they are always busy even if they don’t look it. ... More

how to set targets on google analytics

Hopefully though, this guide gets you jump started on making Google Analytics an invaluable asset in your conversion optimization efforts by getting you set up with cleaner data, better organization, and a few good Goals. ... More

how to get api support chrome

Chrome now tells you "Google Chrome is up to date". Congratulations, you have now ensured that your copy of Chrome is up to date. In normal circumstances, Chrome will keep itself up to date automatically - if for some reason Chrome didn't update itself, please speak to your IT Support team for further help. ... More

how to use kerastase concentre densifique

An intensive bodifying concentrate for fine or thinning hairBoasts a powerful formula isolated in its purest & most concentrated stateContains active ingredients freshly fused to create a customized in-salon treatmentInfused with Pro Calcium to deeply... ... More

how to use virtual dj 8

Virtual Dj 8 Pro Serial Number has many amazing casings, And Virtual Dj 8 Crack Plus Serial Number interface is also simplest and user-friendly. Both professionals and home users can use easily use this software. You can work freely according to your desire… ... More

1845283856 how to write short stories sophie king

Chip Houser’s short fiction has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, New Myths, Every Day Fiction, and elsewhere. He’s a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop, has an MFA in Creative Writing from UMSL, and thinks cedar is the better option for closets. ... More

how to solve polynomial equations with exponents

You find the root of any such problem using fzero, IF a root exists. Note that when x is negative there will be issues, as a negative number raised to a non-integer power will not yield a real number. ... More

how to set up secure server email on iphone

21/01/2016 · I should add that I also have an Exchange email account, which can be set up in both the iOS email client and the iOS Outlook app without difficulty. And also that the Outlook app exhibits the same behaviour on Android - i.e. the Android email client lets me set up the IMAP account but Outlook for Android is unable to connect. ... More

how to sell a house fast by owner

11/12/2018 · Sell Your House Fast In Metro Atlanta We buy houses all around the Metro Atlanta area. We Are A Local And Family Run Business! ... More

how to wear mustard yellow

I recently picked up this cute little mustard number from TOPSHOP and I wasn’t sure how to accessorize it. An off the shoulder Frilly dress is kind of my go-to silhouette so I didn’t want to go with obvious accessories to match my somewhat obvious dress choice. ... More

how to write a bridge in song lyrics

Jack from Nyc Bridge is an absolutely fantastic song from start to finish and is probably Paul's best song ever. Won a Grammy in 1970 as Best Song of the Year, and it wasn't the best song of 1970. Let it Be deserved to win but the Grammy judges were prejudiced against The Beatles. ... More

how to stop excel from rounding currency

Handle with Care: The ROUND Function Instead of the TEXT() function, some users prefer to use the ROUND() function to trim off extra decimal places. As its name implies, Excel’s ROUND() function will permanently round a number up or down to the number of decimal places you specify. ... More

how to use a yellow map pro

MAP-Pro gas burns at a temperature of 3,730 degrees Fahrenheit, while propane burns at 3,600 F. Because it heats copper faster and to a higher temperature, MAP-Pro gas is a superior alternative to propane for soldering. If you opt to use it, the manufacturer recommends using a specially designed torch. Adding oxygen to the flame raises the temperature to 5,200 F, which is suitable for cutting ... More

how to set up a charity live stream show donations

Tanner Robbins needs your help today! St Jude Charity Livestream - Hey there! I'm Tanner Robbins, I'm also known as SnapMusicGame on YouTube, and other social media. Christmas is almost here, and I want to give the gift of joy to the kids in need! No body needs to be hurt on Christmas, which is why I need your help to raise money for the children! ... More

magic flight launch box vaporizer how to use

Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizers are powered by a single AA battery. To us, this is really one of the benefits of their design as it’s easy enough to carry some extra batteries around, ensuring that you can continue vaping for hours on end. And seeing as you can use rechargeable batteries, you can really get a lot of them before you’ll need to replace them. ... More

how to talk dirty to my boyfriend over text

11/02/2013 · My boyfriend wants to talk dirty all the time, but idk what to say. Please help!! Oh and it's usually over text. ... More

how to start learning about computers

If you don't know anything about computers, first start from the basics of computer science and learn C programming languages simultaneously. Find good mentor for programming language in your area for C programming otherwise go to good learning center where good mentor is available. Chose the book, The C pogramming language" by ritchie. It is enough to for C. Do all exercise. search for more ... More

how to start a web page from scratch

How to Build a Web Page Template from Scratch; How to Build a Web Page Template from Scratch. Related Book. Web Design For Dummies, 3rd Edition. By Lisa Lopuck . The standard tool across digital agencies and in-house departments for building website graphics is Adobe Photoshop. Although Fireworks is optimized and purpose-built to produce web-graphic source files, it just has not caught on ... More

how to work out the square root of a fraction

21/05/2007 · The square root if you are going to be forced to work it out mentaly is the opposite of squring a number e.g the square root of 36 is 6, 6x6 (or to the power of 2) is 36. sam · 1 decade ago 0 ... More

how to take 986b international tractor power steering box apart

I have power steering on this unit, but am going to replace it with Jackson Power Steering to take all strain off this gear box. Parts for this gear box are very hard … ... More

large square scarf how to wear

showing you how to tie a square scarf today with an easy to follow step by step tutorial that will be sure to answer all your "tying" questions! showing you how to tie a square scarf today with an easy to follow step by step tutorial that will be sure to answer all your "tying" questions! ) // // // // ... More

how to study science courses effectively

Science and engineering innovations improve people’s lives and transform industries. Lead a life of discovery, innovation and evolution. Lead a life of discovery, innovation and evolution. Discover a career in science and engineering and find solutions to issues impacting people’s lives and the environment. ... More

how to fix your google search results

26/03/2012 · Yes you have to wait for Google Reviewer or RERs in your location to publish your edit. Mostly mappers review edits made through a profile and Google place changes are taken care by Bots. In future please associate your profile to any edits made through place page by following the steps above. Hope your edit soon get reviewed. ... More

how to support peas and beans

An innovative new technology developed by Murdoch University researcher Sofie De Meyer has received $30,000 in State Government funding to support entrepreneurs in … ... More

how to turn off bb8 sphero force band

Sphero BB-8 and Force Band. Sphero's new remote-controlled BB-8 comes with a Bluetooth wristband that allows you to control the robot with gestures. ... More

how to start a tow truck business in south africa

Truck & Trailer is the online marketplace for Truck trucks for sale in South Africa . Refine Search. Truck & Trailer This site uses cookies. By browsing this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Read more about our use of personal information on our ... More

how to see the recently added contact in mailchimpo

You will know how to add contact widgets to Android Devices after reading this article. 2 Ways to Restore Contacts on Android This article introduces you to the top 3 ways you can restore contacts on your Android device. ... More

how to wear in the star gold coast

7/02/2018 · Introducing The Star Gold Coast’s new signature venue, Nineteen at The Star. Prepare for a sensory overload in our world class venue positioned 19 floors above the glittering Gold Coast, with a decadent rooftop restaurant and an uber-chic lounge bar that sweeps over the Pacific Ocean. ... More

how to start a mobile network company in india

After being ignored by a company owned by the world's richest man Carlos Slim, a tiny Mexican village has developed its own mobile network with international connections. ... More

how to use fortnite replay

How to use the Fortnite replay mode Follow the treasure map found in Snobby Shores - Fortnite Season 5 Week 5 challenge How to refund Fortnite skins, emotes and other items ... More

how to tell if an egg is fertilized

19/03/2010 · My Betta Macrostomas spawned this morning and I netted one of the eggs to observe if they are being fertilized, but I wasn't able to determine this. ... More

how to relieve work stress at home

How to Relieve Stress at Work. The vast majority of us have to deal with stress at work. The level differs from job to job but how we deal with stress often determines how successful we are. The angry, overwhelmed and stressed-out worker is not going to get promotions. No, those are the ones who end up mired in the same position for years, stuck in a corner or a miserable, little cubicle ... More

how to write an email introducing a press release

Work with a skilled writer (internally or externally) to craft a compelling press release that details why this website launch is a big deal. A skilled writer helps you walk the fine line between highlighting the website’s new features and straying into “selling” language. ... More

how to send bank details by email format

12/04/2015 · Malicious software logs your online banking details, along with other financial information, before sending it on to criminals who use it to steal money from your accounts. ... More

how to write in french handwriting

Now, I’m not quite delving into the debate about whether or not cursive writing should be taught in public school, but if you are interested in spending some time on your handwriting, French ruled paper, or Seyes ruled paper, could be something to help you out. ... More

how to work with a big fashion brand

A tote bag is big enough to hold the above said items, but you also won't feel embarrassed taking it into an important lunch meeting. With that in mind, we scoured the market for 12 work tote bags ... More

how to tell if you have controlled load electricity

Tip: Some DVOMs have alligator clips so that you don’t have to hold the lead. This frees up your hands to focus on getting the positive lead in the correct spot. This frees up your hands to focus on getting the positive lead in the correct spot. ... More

how to clear google search history

Google search history, aka the data collected by the company based on your web searches, can now be reviewed and deleted in a matter of seconds. Previously, the option was accessible via Google's ... More

how to use google keyword planner for keyword research

By the definition , Keyword Research is the process of finding and identifying keywords, which get the good amount of search volume/month. The basic idea behind the research is that, find the keywords that can give the maximum traffic and a lot of visitors and comes with the less competition. ... More

how to use scansnap s1300i

Recently, the good folks over at Fujitsu sent me a ScanSnap S1300i portable scanner 1. Until recently, I have been using my Canon ImageFormula P-150M. ... More

how to win mancala going first

The African game of Oware, or Awalé, the most widely played of the Mancala family of games. OWARE. Learn the game here before you buy a mancala board and play it for real. Back to the front page . The aim is to capture over half of the 48 playing pieces to win. Seeds or stones are often used as playing pieces and the board is usually of wood. How to Play: Players alternate, each turn picking ... More

how to teach a child with dyslexia

How to support a child with dyslexia Dyslexia is a term used to describe a range of persistent difficulties with reading and writing, and often including spelling, numeracy or musical notation. Students with dyslexia do not make expected progress in these areas in spite of good teaching and the type of extra support that would be helpful for most children. ... More

how to use cleanmymac 2

CleanMyMac X is the 10th anniversary edition of CleanMyMac, a native macOS tool that daily cleans one million Macs worldwide. The app does all the essential housekeeping on a Mac: deletes tons of junk and malware, and makes a computer faster and more organized. You can use CleanMyMac X to manage storage, apps, and monitor the health of your Mac. ... More

how to use sunbeam coffee maker

Reliable coffee maker, makes a mean coffee, long black, espresso, flat white, cappuccino always a good cup. Selling as we now have an inbuilt coffee machine in our new kitchen. It is an easy coffee machine to use to get a really good coffee. It has a dual thermo block so can make a coffee at the same time as frothing the milk. Also comes with a DVD with instructions on how to get the best ... More

how to use loreal color extender

... More

how to take a screenshot with oppo

For taking screenshot in Oppo F1s you need to follow these simple steps. Press power button and volume down button together. How to take screenshot Oppo F1s, screenshot Oppo F1s, how to screenshot on Oppo F1s ... More

how to sell at auction

When selling your property, there are quite a few different modes of sale you can opt for. When it comes to the choice of selling your home through the auction process, the choice will be largely dependent on your country, and the type of property you have. ... More

how to sell your car privately in california

Title transfer is a necessary part of the process once you're finalizing the sale of your car. Depending on your situation (do you have your title in hand or do you need to apply for a duplicate?), you'll need to fill out the correct corresponding forms to complete the vehicle title transfer to the buyer. ... More

how to use caro light cream

Other women use these creams use them to fix skin conditions including melasma, spots caused by sun damage and acne scars. In Asia, the products are marketed as … ... More

how to use smash ball in super smash bros 3ds

18/11/2018 · The newest installment of Nintendo's hit tournament game Super Smash Bros., SSB4 does not disappoint. Though some things have changed. Let's look at the 3DS version of the game. ... More

how to use purification essential oil

Day 7: Purification Essential Oil Welcome to Day 7 of the Oils Y’all Get to Know Your PSK 14-Day Challenge ! This series is where you can learn at your own pace with just a few minutes a day. ... More

how to stop nail polish being gloopy

How do you stop nail polish from bubbling? that’s the best nail polish I’ve ever used back in the day. I think it just goes on in nice, thin coats — the cheaper stuff was always too gloopy and thick. Nail polish seemed to fall into two categories for me — the thick, cheap ones that bubbled and peeled, and the thin, cheap ones that were brittle and chipped off. Revlon was the best ... More

how to take online payments with square

With Square Payments, merchants typically pay a flat rate of 2.75% for swiped transactions, 3.5% + $0.15 for keyed transactions, and 2.9% + $0.30 for online transactions. No monthly fee. No statement fees. No monthly minimum. This is an extraordinary deal for many merchants, especially new ones without an established processing history. ... More

how to stop a dog shaking from fireworks

The best way to prepare dogs for fireworks is to think like a dog. They feel scared as they are alarmed by the loud noises of the fireworks but do not understand that fireworks cannot harm them. That’s why they feel safer when they have a hiding space. You can make your dog a ‘safe haven’ or a ‘dog den’. If your dog already has a hiding place then this space can be used making it as ... More

how to set up my driver reddit

25/12/2015 · Type msconfig in the run box and you can set Windows 10 as your default OS and remove the boot entry from seven there. You can do whatever you want with the seven partition from within Disk Management. That won't help the OP because the partition the computer is booting from is located on a … ... More

pretend you re xyzzy how to start game

Welcome to the YouChew Forum Archive. Inside you'll find a permanent record of more than eleven years worth of memories...good times, bad times, and everything in between. ... More

how to set up dynamic remarketing adwords

In the past it was left up to third party tools to provide this kind of service, but thankfully Facebook offer their own easy-to-use system for these personalised ads, which we call dynamic remarketing or dynamic product ads. ... More

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how to use icloud on iphone 6s plus

The only way around this is to get an iCloudaccount unlock. It frees your iPhone from the previous owner’s iCloud account and allows you to setup your iCloud account on that phone, meaning you can start making calls, sending messages, and using apps.

how to use pallor in a sentence

By clicking ‘continue’ or by continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Continue Find out more. Home British & World English pallor. Definition of pallor in English: pallor. noun. An unhealthy pale appearance. ‘the deathlike pallor of his face’ More example sentences ‘His face has the pallor of someone

how to set printer in crystal report

I Got the solution its very simple From the page where crystal report is viewed, copy the function or coding from the page 1. Remove the line Where crystal report view is there like

how to set up a stationery business

It's easy to neglect the area of purchasing in your business. Of course you buy goods and services, but you don't always plan the purchases as well as you could.

how to use controller in naruto ultimate ninja storm 3

Anything explicit however, use /r/Naruto_Hentai annoying FPS, confusing control (if you don't have controller). I got STORM 3 on PS3, so I just get Full Burst as an expansion on PS3 store and the Kabuto arc totally worths it. So: If you don't have a PS3, don't get it on PC. If you have a ps3, haven't play STORM 3, get it. If you had Storm 3 on ps3 already, I suggest waiting for the new

how to tell a real diamond from glass

A real diamond will sink to the bottom of the glass, due to its high density, while an imitation diamond will float on the surface of the water, or only partially sink. There are new instruments in the market for verifying diamonds' authenticity.

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England: Wallasey ENG, Crawley ENG, Northampton ENG, Newcastle-under-Lyme ENG, Gosport ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 4A5

Northern Ireland: Bangor NIR, Derry (Londonderry) NIR, Derry (Londonderry) NIR, Belfast NIR, Derry (Londonderry) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 1H5

Scotland: East Kilbride SCO, Dundee SCO, Aberdeen SCO, Dunfermline SCO, Glasgow SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 7B1

Wales: Neath WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, Newport WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 8D8