how to turn your tv into a smart tv uk

The Smart boxes are running the latest software and will turn your current flat screen TV into a Smart TV at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. You will have access to all the latest movie releases, Box Sets, and any old movie you wish to watch all for free. You will also have access to all live sports channels, UK TV Channels including BBC channels and Channel 5 . See our Free ... More

how to set up cool bubbles insulated bait saver

Find best value and selection for your Cool Bubbles Insulated Bait Saver Aerated Minnow bucket search on eBay. World's leading marketplace. ... More

how to solve 2x-y 4 then 6x-3y

20/03/2008 · Start by solving the first equation for either x or y. I'm solving for y. 2x-y=0 add y to both sides: 2x-y+y=0+y simplify: 2x=y Now solve the other equation for the same variable. ... More

the forest how to see characvter

The Great Prince of the Forest is Bambi's father, the protector of the forest and a supporting character in Bambi and the deuteragonist of its midquel Bambi II. Little is known about the Great Prince's early life except that as a fawn he went to a glade in the forest and met a young doe who... ... More

how to set up the home button ipad

The home button allows you to do many things such as closing an app, kill applications from the App Switcher, and it gets you out of trouble sometimes. The power button, as its name suggests lets you turn off the screen or even the device entirely. ... More

how to set up a trust in singapore

A trust company offering trustee services in Singapore and Malaysia which consist of acting as trustee and providing trust administration services as well as creation of trusts primarily for clients in the mass affluent market. All practical trust products for every special need. ... More

hp laptop docking station how to use

Good day, I am selling my 15.6" HP Core i3 5th Gen Laptop, which is in great condition. Laptop comes with original charger, Wireless Mouse and Cooling fan. ... More

how to teach a child to speak english

First of all, you should teach your kids to speak their mother tongue fluently first. I think thats very important, because when your kids can convey very nice or complicated conversations in their mother tongue, chances are that they can learn another foreign languages at a very fast pace. ... More

how to start a fire fast

The summer went by way too fast and that empty school building quickly filled with youngsters anxious about the new school year. As a facilities manager in the educational arena its only natural to have many anxieties yourself about the facility. ... More

how to start working out at the gym for beginners

Hitting the gym with the goal of weight loss is one of the best choices you can make for your health. Beginners will need to know a few important points before they can effectively lose weight from a gym ... More

how to sell crates pubg

6/07/2018 · Sell & Trade Game Items OSRS Gold ELO. Forums > Other Game Markets > Survival Games > PUBG >. ⭐ [150+ Vouches] Selling PUBG Crates [BTC/RSGP] ⭐ Discussion in 'PUBG' started by Xier0, Oct 16, 2017. Sign in to Post. Thread Tools ... More

how to take apart a nespresso machine

22/10/2018 · I haven't experienced that issue – but to me it doesn't sound like the frother either, it sounds like the machine itself. So when you push the frother in, the lights flashing means that at least the machine is recognising the frother is there. ... More

how to set galaxy s5 to grey screen

How to fix display and screen problems on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Many users have reported different problems with the display like screen burn in, dead and stuck pixels, screen freeze, yellow or blue tint and more. ... More

how to work your cheek muscles

Stress Stress puts a great deal of tension on your muscles and your nerves. Under that level of tension, your muscles experience a rush of hormones and unusual blood flow. Sometimes referred to as "benign fasciculation syndrome," the muscles are simply reacting to changes in nerve energy, pressure, and body disrupted body signals. ... More

how to study law perth

See how you can apply to study at Curtin. Find out more about Centre for Aboriginal Studies Business and Law Health Sciences Humanities Science and Engineering Campuses Western Australia Bentley Perth city Kalgoorlie Dubai Malaysia Mauritius Singapore. Address Kent Street, Bentley, Perth, Western Australia 6102; Postal address GPO Box U1987, Perth WA 6845; Telephone +61 8 9266 9266; Follow ... More

how to show max value in graph python

The target, also known as the label, is the value we want to predict, in this case the actual max temperature and the features are all the columns the model uses to make a prediction. We will also convert the Pandas dataframes to Numpy arrays because that is the way the algorithm works. ... More

how to tell a catfish

As a cavity nester, a male Catfish will seek out a dark, hidden area to clean before spawning with a female. After the eggs are laid, the male chases off the female and guards its ... More

how to set conversion optimizer

This in-depth conversion optimization training program will help you become a top conversion optimizer in 3 months. The skills you gain will benefit you for years to come. You will learn how the best conversion rate experts in the world approach conversion optimization. ... More

how to fix win 7

30/03/2018 Why does Windows 7 load a temporary profile? There are many reasons why this happens, but mainly, it is the result of corrupted profile files and folders. On the other hand, certain anti-virus programs or operations can be delaying the loading of the profile. Let's fix. ... More

how to use pigment paste with epoxy resins

Blue Pigment Paste for swimming pools Blue Pigment Paste for swimming pools (1) Medium viscosity pigment paste for polyester or vinyl ester resins, gel coats and top coats of the same type. ... More

how to get revenge on a bully at work

8/12/2014 · In a world where 3.2 million kids get bullied each year, according to the nonprofit youth organization Do Something, it’s pretty heartwarming to see victims respond in such admirable ways. In ... More

how to tell if hes interested

... More

how to use a voodoo doll instructions

A voodoo doll is also commonly known as a "poppet" and is commonly used in the occult. Here, I will Give instructions on how to make a voodoo doll, on the colours page you will find out about the appropriate colours for the needles you are sticking into the doll. ... More

how to start a running program with bad knees

Running gets a lot of bad press sometimes. Someone hears of a runner who has got sore knees, or someone has developed arthritis and running is blamed. What we don't often know is the full story. "Most studies show there isn't any correlation between running and developing osteoarthritis. The biggest risk factor for developing osteoarthritis is ... More

how to delete search history on instagram on iphone

Convenience can be a good reason for a long search history. Instagram is no stranger to this concept, saving a list of recent searches on the iPhone for quick access. ... More

how to stop dog from chewing couch

21/04/2008 Best Answer: Our dog is thankfully out of that stage - any time we'd catch him, we'd tell him no sharply and then redirect him onto a chew toy. I also took a little bitter apple spray and misted the couch, the moldings, whatever he was chewing. He also didn't get too much time to wander unsupervisedand ... More

how to use a club pine rivers card

In 2010, Cub Pine Rivers completed $6 million dollar renovations making it the one of the most established bowls and social venues in Brisbane and is a recipient of multiple ‘Queensland Bowls Club of the Year’ awards. ... More

how to stop the adani mine

AUSTRALIA'S YOUTH WANT A VOICE IN ONE OF THE MOST IMMINENT ENVIRONMENTAL DECISIONS OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT WILL MAKE. Indian coal company Adani is in the midst of seeking approval for the construction of the largest coal mine in Australia's history - the Carmichael Mine and Rail project in northern Queensland. ... More

how to stop gmail double spacing when printing

sys.stdout.write is (in Python 2) the only robust solution. Python 2 printing is insane. Consider this code: print "a", print "b", This will print a b, leading you to suspect that it is printing a trailing space. ... More

how to stop dailymotion from lagging

Storyline: How to Stop Being a Loser (2011) James is useless with women, but his luck changes under the tutelage of pick-up artist, Ampersand. As James learns the art of seduction he begins to wonder about Ampersand's intentions and questions what would truly make him happy in life. ... More

how to start up a market stall

How To Start A Street Food Business. A short guide to starting and running a street food business. For the whole messy story I’d recommend starting at the beginning; for posts that are specifically for startups you might want to read some street food theory, or buy the book, but here are some common problems and advice for starting a street food business in the new era of catering. Buy the ... More

how to write a love letter to a girlfriend

Example 2 of a birthday letter for my girlfriend: My love: May this day remains forever in your mind. Today you will be surrounded by people who love you, especially me because you are the love of my life. I hope we are together and that you are happy. Today is a very special day for you and I want you to have a spectacular time. You do not know the joy you have brought into my life from that ... More

how to tell if i have black heads

Ocular rosacea effects the eyes and may occur alongside other types of rosacea. If you believe you suffer from ETR but also experience similar symptoms around your eyes, it's likely you can add ocular rosacea to your diagnosis. ... More

how to solve power fraction

A fractional exponent is not much different than this problem. Let's say you have 4 to the 1/2 power. This would be equal to (2 squared) 1/2. Now, using the third exponent law, the term becomes 2 to the power of two x 1/2. This will leave you with the answer of two. Now you know how to get the correct answer and can ... More

how to use air conditioner effectively

There comes a time of the year when we rely on the air conditioning system to keep cool and comfortable. When the cooling system is properly maintained, cared for, and properly sized, it can be left in optimal condition for its projected lifespan. ... More

how to teach a dog to hide

13/01/2019 With that being said, harness your dogs desire to please and teach him a trick. YouTube is full of videos showing how to teach the simplest of tricks, like give paw, spin, crawl, to more difficult ones like play dead or turn off the lights. ... More

how to stop echo on mic macbook air

30/10/2007 · Feedback suppression is tricky. The first and most obvious thing is to stop the sound from the speakers reaching the microphone. This is done by reducing speaker volume, physical positioning of the speakers, and/or some form of physical baffling between the speaker and the mic. ... More

how to set up kan jam

The listing you're looking for has ended. Kan Jam Official Game Set. Condition: ... More

how to walk away from a toxic friendship

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, there's nothing you can do to save your friendship you have to be brave and simply walk away. "When people are determined to be negative, no amount of ... More

mini hot water bottle hand warmer how to use

Hot water bottles are also a great source of heat and alternative to heat packs. On the other hand, ice packs slow down blood flow to an injury, decreasing inflammation and swelling. They are generally applied at the time of an injury occurring. Cold therapy can be effective for sprains, strains, bumps and bruises. Shop Priceline Pharmacy’s range of heat and ice packs today. ... More

how to tell if oil lamp is valuable

How to Tell If A Chair is a Valuable Antique When you're looking at chairs, Dr. Lori says many are unsigned. Take the famous Chippendale chairs - what you need to look for is the actual form of the chair. ... More

how to train your male slave

Beginning Training The following is taken from a presentation given on March 9, 2002. It was given to a Dominants-only group, but the information below is a good starting point for both Doms/Masters and subs/slaves. ... More

how to wear bootcut jeans 2017

Jul 25, 2017 · To wear these men’s shoes with jeans successfully, the occasion needs to be somewhat casual. Loafers One of the most trending fashionable types of shoes includes the loafers . Loafers One of the most trending fashionable types of shoes includes the loafers . ... More

how to teach my child

Teach your kids how to play cricket with three exercises that will help your child master the basic techniques of cricket and improve their game. ... More

how to play roulette and win in vegas

roulette You vegas be logged in to roulette a comment. Play Your Favorite Roulette Games Online Online playing is one of vegas most popular and classic casino games that gamblers can play and win … ... More

how to tell if you re intelligent

According to an author of books on spiritual intelligence and leadership, Awdhesh Singh, the following are some questions that can help you know if you are really intelligent. ... More

how to see downloads s7

Summary: Now, it is easy to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S7, you just need an Android Data Recovery or Photo Recovery to help you. ... More

how to check if tissot watch is genuine


how to use calculator for regression equation

Polynomial Regression Online Interface This interface is designed to allow the graphing and retrieving of the coefficients for polynomial regression. This includes the mean average and linear regression which are both types of polynomial regression. ... More

how to stop taking ropinirole

Do not stop taking Ropinirole Accord without seeking advice from your doctor. Take Ropinirole Accord as long as your doctor recommends. Do not stop taking your medicine unless your doctor tells you to do this. If you suddenly stop taking Ropinirole Accord, the symptoms of your condition can quickly worsen. If you need to stop taking Ropinirole Accord, your doctor will gradually reduce the dose ... More

how to stop neigjbour loking into yatd

Cats are unpredictable, so there are few sure-fire cat repellents. Domestic cats wander around due to curiosity, mating, hunting, feeding, and establishing territory. ... More

how to take money out of steam

Now, were sure that most people asking if they can withdraw money from Steam do not have such unsavory intentions. For those of you that this applies to, there are some other options out there. For those of you that this applies to, there are some other options out there. ... More

how to wear red trousers

What others are saying "Chambray, red pants, w/ blanket scarf" "stylish work outfits with red pants - Women work outfits" "I have this a Burberry scarf like this - don’t forget to wear it with red pants … ... More

how to stop a dog from jumping

The problem of a dog jumping on people is an easy one to correct. This hub gives some reasons why your dog might be jumping and advice on how to cure the problem. ... More

how to write memories about a friend

5/08/2012 · You are the best, best friend anyone could ever ask for and I appreciate everything about you. You are really a true friend to be treasured! Thank you so much swati, for everything you do for me. ... More

how to take pictures of fireworks dslr

Taking pictures of fireworks with your Canon EOS Rebel T3/1100D can help capture their fleeting beauty. Capturing these images can be tricky: Youre dealing with nighttime shooting, moving subjects, and sometimes lots of people. ... More

how to smack talk fantasy football

We have 20 teams signed up for our EDFFL (Evil DUers Fantasy Football League) and it should be an interesting season. Nineteen teams will learn what a real winner of a team is like by watching me kick all you folk's butt this season. ... More

how to make an autistic child talk

One of the biggest worries of parents with non-verbal autistic children is that they’ll never talk. They become even more worried when the child hits 4 or 5 years and has yet to start talking. . They become even more worried when the child hits 4 or 5 years and has yet to start talking. . ... More

how to make a wish come true right now

Make SURE you are very clear about what you wish for and how you want to get it. Throw your powder to the wind and let it carry your wish away to come true! Throw your powder to the wind and let it carry your wish away to come true! ... More

how to stop booting of external seagate drive

External hard disk may fail to boot when file system of external hard drive is corrupted severely due to virus infection or using it on different computers frequently If you do not remove portable hard drive safely from computer port, then the external hard drive may get … ... More

how to use pop in python

Python Dictionary pop() The pop() method removes and returns an element from a dictionary having the given key. The syntax of pop() method is. dictionary.pop(key[, default]) pop() Parameters. The pop() method takes two parameters: key - key which is to be searched for removal; default - value which is to be returned when the key is not in the dictionary; Return value from pop() The pop ... More

how to start a charity foundation uk

5/01/2010 · I want to start a foundation where I help little kids. I want to go and help every little kid I can and give them the basics, shoes, toothbrushes, clothes etc. but I have no idea how. ... More

how to use lip stain marker

5/05/2018 And the company claims that it has vitamin e to hydrate and moisturize lips, huh!!! elf essential berry blush lip stain. Take a lip liner that's the same col... Take a lip liner that's the same col... ... More

how to set up a cardioid microphone

Cardioid Mics directional characteristic prefer the front of the microphone (on-axis) and they reject sounds coming from behind the mic (off-axis). Microphones with cardioid polar patterns, such as the Beta 58 or SM58, are typically better suited to close- than distant-miking applications. These mics exhibit frequency response characteristics that roll off in the low band to compensate for ... More

how to train a blind and deaf dog

Training blind/deaf dogs is not much different from training sighted hearing dogs. Any condition that blocks light from getting to the retina can impair a dog's . More from my site ... More

how to set up swan dvr with cameras

If it is a first time set up, why the need to reset already may I ask? Customer: It is a used system that I just bought from the web. LOAJ3256: Then you do not have the password ***** allow you to do ANY system changes - I *may* be able to factory reset this for you, but the results can vary, depending on the unit's age and firmware. ... More

how to study and learn faster

By Josh Sears ‘Tis the season for final exams! If ever there was a time to take advantage of all tools imaginable to help your students get the best grades possible, it is now. ... More

how to set inosation on a strat

How to set up a successful university start-up incubator Page 2 of 5 1) Think about your objectives Although seed accelerators (such as Y-Combinator in the US) ... More

how to use epsom salt for bruises

Use 2 cups of Epsom salt per bath, soak 3 times weekly for at least 12 minutes. 3. Fade Bruises To lessen the appearance of bruises, make a compress by soaking a washcloth in cold water mixed with ... More

how to stop drug addiction without rehab

There are many great resources for helping you beat drug addiction without being admitted to a rehab center. AA is an amazing program that hooks you up with … ... More

how to use fatmax stud finder

Best Stud Finder There are simple methods, which can be used to find studs in the walls, ceilings or floors. You can make use of your knuckles to tap on the wall and listen to the changes in the sound. ... More

how to stop acid reflux

If your baby is experiencing reflux, the following tips may help to reduce her discomfort, and hopefully, spitting up. Hold Baby Upright Holding infants in an upright position both during feedings, for at least 30 minutes after feedings, will help to reduce the amount of gastric reflux. ... More

how to show commitment in a relationship

Couples who have a strong commitment to faith and attend church regularly are far more likely to have lifelong relationships. One recent study in particular shows that those who go to church and pray together have a much lower divorce rate. ... More

how to start a fig tree from seed

Propagation of Fig Trees: Fig trees are grown from seed. It takes three or four years to go from the seedling stage, to a fruit-producing tree. ... More

how to use clinique up lighting liquid illuminator

Get these amazing shopping deals on Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator. Hurry and get them before they are gone! Shopping Designer Fashions On A Tight Budget ... More

ultimate battle-training stone how to use

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 is crafted from the sexiest and most uninhibited premium materials in the known universe. Tough, resilient and absolutely stunning. #PARTY UP Amplify the party! Use the UE BOOM app to wirelessly connect 150+ BOOM, BOOM 2 and MEGABOOM speakers. Learn more TAP TO PLAY Control the party from afar. Tap the top of BOOM 2 once to play or pause a song and twice to skip ... More

how to take out spark plugs

Spark plugs can only be correctly read if the car has been shut down immediately at the end of a run without driving it back to the pits. Get off the track and coast to a place you are safely out of the way and either read the plug there or change one or two with some you have in your pocket so you can read these uncontaminated plugs when back to the pits. Or you should tow the car back to the ... More

warp totem stardew valley how to use

Isn’t Stardew Valley just lovely? Well it just got even lovelier in patch 1.1, introducing new mechanics, new love interests, buildings, farm types and loads more. ... More

minecraft how to use wireless rf transmitter

Hello, i wanted to ask, is it possible to create a alarm system for children using rf transmitter and receiver? For example, if receiver and transmitter are 5 meter aparts, it will triger the led, if its 7 meter, it will trigger the buzzer.. Im wondering if i can do this project ... More

how to tell if you have a sinkhole

If you discover any of these materials, you have a construction sinkhole. Use a long wooden or metal rod to probe the sinkhole. Hitting the solid earth a few feet down is a sign of a small ... More

how to fully turn off an ipod classic

4/07/2014 · Turn the Hold switch on then off again and press-and-hold the Menu and Select (centre) buttons together for at least ten seconds. This will cause the iPod to restart, during which time it will display the Apple logo for a short while. This is the same restart that occurs when you power back on after the "sleep forever". ... More

how to get jedi academy to work on windows 7

Next, go to your installation location and make a backup of your original "Jedi Academy" executable (toss it to another directory, for instance). Finally, copy the cracked executable into your installation folder. ... More

how to solve mcdonalds problems

It involves just three favourite items from the McDonalds menu, but this maths puzzle has left people on Facebook scratching their heads. The fiendish test asks you to solve an equation based on ... More

how to tell if cream is over whipped

Kick Cool Whip to the curb and can the whipped cream can because making your own homemade whipped cream is easy, delicious, fun, and, yes, even healthy! Unfortunately, in this age of pre-made everything, the tasks of making even simple basics like homemade whipped cream … ... More

eaccelerator how to tell if working

How does the equipment work? The linear accelerator uses microwave technology (similar to that used for radar) to accelerate electrons in a part of the accelerator called the "wave guide," then allows these electrons to collide with a heavy metal target to produce high-energy x-rays. ... More

how to tell if cat has mites

26/05/2015 · How to Tell If a Cat Has Mange. Part of the series: Cat Health Treatments. To tell if a cat has mange, normally a veterinarian will scrape it or perform a cytology to look for the mange mites on ... More

how to turn off all layer except selected phosohop

3/09/2017 · The script would loop through the layers stack twice the first time turn off all layers visibility except the bottom layer. Save the first output png file then proceed up the layer stack a layer at a time turn on the layers visibility and save a png . Repeat that process till all layers are visible and a png file for each stack level has been saved. ... More

youtube how to create a slide show adobe elements 14

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 is the sibling of Photoshop, this latest version has matured into a worthy image editing application that can easily hold its own against most other packages. Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 has an RRP of £79.99 / $99.99. ... More

how to make your moth stop making slimy noises

21/01/2016 · It's basically like whatever he's doing with his throat, he's making vocalizations outloud to go along with it. It's like the "tennis grunt" but instead of happening every time he swings a racket, he's making tiny noises every time he swallows or moves his mouth or breathes. Or you know how some ... More

how to tell the sex of chickens

Rhode Island Red chickens reached the UK in 1903 when Sidney Risdon brought some eggs back to Somerset. They are one of the most well-known around the World due to their use in hybrid hen production. They are one of the most well-known around the World due to … ... More

how to use american express points for flights

Great post! Really informative. Im curious. I was offered a 100k rewards points through American Express Platinum card, which I was planning to transfer to ANA (and use either through Cathway / Singapore) for a flight from SFO to CNX/BKK. ... More

how to sell used rims

Sell My Tires New & Used tires, rims & more. Sell My Tires Tire & Wheels Measurements. Tire & Wheels Measurements. What do all the numbers mean? Tire Type. P – Passenger Vehicle Tire LT – Light Truck T – Temporary (Spare Tire) Tire Width. The first digits on the tire’s measurements indicate width of the tire in millimeters (mm). It is measured from sidewall to sidewall. i.e. 235/../R ... More

how to use a stun baton

Remove the baton or nightstick from its casing, if it has one. Expand it to your desired length, if it’s an expandable one. Move closer to the assailant while you are maintaining a firm grip on the baton ( lest the assailant dispossesses you of it ). ... More

how to use hook for biastape for strap

Mark this number on your bias tape maker with a piece of tape or a fancy label, so youll remember each time you use it. Cut your fabric to that size to start. For the #50 tool, the strips should be 3 7/8? wide. ... More

how to use in google docs

I somewhat tried the guides above but couldn't get them to work. I then asked the question on's google groups page, and was informed that the custom field is for locally installed fonts on your system. ... More

large barrel curling iron how to use

Curling Iron Features. Heating: Heating speed in a curling is generally a couple of minutes. The barrel gets heated within minutes to give the hair beautiful curls. ... More

how to set up administrator account on mac

Congratulations: youve now set up a sharing account, and shared a folder with it! Repeat Step Three for any other folders youd like to share. Repeat Step Three for any other folders youd like to share. ... More

how to use proximity sensor in android

The proximity sensor detects when a user is holding the phone near their face during a call and turns off the display to prevent keypad presses and battery consumption from the display. The suggestions below only apply to the following samsung smartphones: ... More

mailchimp how to send campaign to new subscriver only

When you need to run a re-permission email campaign using MailChimp My three top tips to help you decide when to send out a re-permission email campaign, and How to create and send a re-permission email using MailChimp's Subscriber Alert template. ... More

how to use shoe stretch spray

Stretching spray can also help to relieve tight spots on smooth leather shoes only. This will not be as effective as a stretching machine but is a very handy alternative. This will not be as effective as a stretching machine but is a very handy alternative. ... More

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how to set up legal memo

Business readers expect documents to be set up in a certain way. Standard formatting is a generally accepted way to set up a document so its appearance follows a convention. Writers use standard formatting so their business documents are consistent in appearance with what the reader expects. Letters, reports, graphics, headings, and other elements are visual cues that make it easy for the

how to take care of daffodils in a vase

Hawaiian Tropical Flowers Care. Hawaiian Tropical Flowers, plant and lei care information. Puna Kamali’i Flowers, Inc. Hawaiian Tropical Flowers are cut farm fresh, professionally packaged for shipment and should arrive in excellent condition. The instructions below will help ensure you get the maximum flower life and enjoyment from your tropical bouquet. 1. It is important to unpack the

how to take off maxi cosi car seat cover

Maxi cosi how to wash and clean your citi car seat cover maxi cosi how to remove wash and install the pebble plus cover. Maxi Cosi Cabriofix How To Remove The Cover You

how to turn off keylogger in windows 10

With Windows 10, we're kicking off the largest ever open collaborative development effort that will change the way we build and deliver Windows. Users who join the Windows Insider Program and opt

how to watch afl on lg smart tv

My Samsung TV has that phone mirroring feature where I can just turn on Screen Mirroring on my s6 and it will project the screen. It actually does a pretty good job of …

how to show uncertainty in a graph

Calculating the uncertainty of a statistical value is helpful in a range of business applications such as evaluating customer feedback, testing the quality of assembly line products and analyzing historical returns on a stock. Given a sample size of data, the standard deviation will tell you how much variation within the sample there is from the average. Uncertainty arises from the size of the

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Northern Ireland: Newtownabbey NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 3H9

Scotland: Kirkcaldy SCO, Kirkcaldy SCO, Dundee SCO, Edinburgh SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 8B8

Wales: Neath WAL, Swansea WAL, Neath WAL, Barry WAL, Cardiff WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 4D5